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Yes, you read that right. I assert we will need to miniaturize our products’ burden on buildings while having bigger experiences and faster delivery times which requires stronger materials. 

Remember Ironman’s super-cool digital screens inside his ocean-side lair? Well today, thyssenkrupp announced that our service technicians will use HoloLens technology in its elevator service operations worldwide.

There is no getting around it. If your building is two stories or hundreds of feet, you are going to need an elevator. You have to meet the American Disabilities Act codes but what you don’t need is a complicated elevator system to travel just a few feet.

The term “smart city” can be open to interpretation. Here are a few prerequisites established a few years ago.  A smart city uses technologies to be more intelligent and efficient when using resources.

thyssenkrupp is currently putting the finishing touches on the installation of 30 elevators and 2 escalators that will serve 52 floors at River Point, a new office tower located on a prime piece of property overlooking the Chicago River.


One of those year-end lists caught my eye this morning – 9 Hot Chicago Startups That Just Launched this Year.  On the list is a new company called AptAmigo. It’s an online platform for apartment seekers based on reviews from current and former tenants. This one features reviews on the little things that make a big difference, like WiFi quality, how good the shower pressure is and how fast elevators move.

Did you catch that last one about the elevators? How would your elevator stand up to tenant reviews? It’s true that everyone has an opinion. And these days, consumers want to hear them. In fact, the Consumerist reported nearly 70 percent rely on online reviews before making a purchase. So if your elevators are noisy, stuffy or have jerky stops and starts, they will do nothing to attract new clients. And slow elevators that are frequently out of order will do nothing to keep them.

So consider an elevator modernization. As well as increasing property value, a  modernization can also save operating expenses spent on energy, improve traffic as well as renovate existing systems so they are safe and code compliant.

Are Your Cabs a Blast from the Past? 

A few seconds spent in an oak-lined elevator cab could get your building a negative review. Cab upgrades can be included with mechanical modernization as well as handled by a company that solely offers new cab interiors. There are options that offer standard finish interior panels designed with interlocking joints and clips that can be installed relatively easy. Or you can choose to use conventional methods and customize.

Give Your Tenants the Right Touch

Add touch screens. They look modern and can simply serve as an alternative car operating panels or be programmed to feature content such as weather and news updates or used to promote products and services. The glass surfaces are easier to clean than mechanical push buttons and can help promote a sterile environment. 

Shorten the wait

Destination control software improves traffic flow and reduces wait times by grouping elevators by the floor the passengers intend to travel to in a building. This practice can increase handling capacity up to 30 percent

Shift Gears

Shifting from geared elevator machines to gearless improves ride quality and reliability as well as lowers energy costs and power consumption. In most cases, the elevators major components are replaced with new micro-processor controls that have advanced dispatching, an efficient AC drive system and compact. This type of full-scale modernization is a costly investment so employ industry experts that can customize a plan that works best for you

Replace the Pump

Hydraulic elevators have pump units and normal wear and tear means seals can begin to leak or valves might not seal tightly, which causes system pressure to decrease over time. Decreased pressure requires the unit to unnecessarily power-up in order to re-level, even in off-peak hours. Constant leveling throughout a unit’s downtime means unnecessary use of electricity for the building owner and more wear and tear on the seals and pump parts.

Small Solutions with Big Impact

If your budget won’t allow a full-scale modernization, don’t worry – you make upgrades without incurring large expenses. Like in the rest of your building, lighting is a great place to improve aesthetics and shave off electricity consumption. Consider replacing your existing fluorescent tube lamps, incandescent bulbs or halogens with LEDs or other high-efficiency, low-heat lighting for a quick payback. LED push buttons are also available. Incorporate a solid-state starter that supplies a motor with smooth and steady current, eliminating the large influx of current typically created by older mechanical starters. It also uses less energy because the starters reduce spikes, which utility companies may bill at higher rates

Every modernization project is unique and our knowledgeable experts come prepared with a tried-and-true approach to solve your problem

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