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Yes, you read that right. I assert we will need to miniaturize our products’ burden on buildings while having bigger experiences and faster delivery times which requires stronger materials. 

Remember Ironman’s super-cool digital screens inside his ocean-side lair? Well today, thyssenkrupp announced that our service technicians will use HoloLens technology in its elevator service operations worldwide.

There is no getting around it. If your building is two stories or hundreds of feet, you are going to need an elevator. You have to meet the American Disabilities Act codes but what you don’t need is a complicated elevator system to travel just a few feet.

The term “smart city” can be open to interpretation. Here are a few prerequisites established a few years ago.  A smart city uses technologies to be more intelligent and efficient when using resources.

thyssenkrupp is currently putting the finishing touches on the installation of 30 elevators and 2 escalators that will serve 52 floors at River Point, a new office tower located on a prime piece of property overlooking the Chicago River.


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

There are many reasons companies should invest in training their employees.  The American Society for Training and Development found that companies that invest in training programs outperformed the market by 45%, while companies that don’t invest in employee development underperformed by 22%.

Timely training keeps employees abreast of critical changes and new innovations in their market, thus ensuring they are prepared to have the best possible interaction with the customer.  Having an established training program in place will aid in recruiting top talent, as potential employees will recognize the opportunity to expand their skill sets and prepare for advancement within the company.  This, in turn, improves morale, giving employees greater satisfaction with the company and increasing employee retention.

As you would not expect someone to run a marathon without months of structured training beforehand, it is just as important to ensure that training is available to new and current employees to give them the best opportunity at success.  Below are five (5) requirements of a successful training program:

  1. Executive level support and commitment – Buy in from upper management is critical to the success of any training program.  Generally speaking, the level of commitment from middle management will be reflective of upper management’s interest in the program.
  2. Qualified instructors – Knowledge of course content does not necessarily equate to being a qualified instructor.  In order to lead a course, the instructor must be able to deliver material in a way that engages the employees and creates interest in the course topic.
  3. Utilizing the correct delivery methods – As we are a diverse population, not all employees learn in the same way and it is important to deliver courses via various means to ensure that all employees have the same opportunities.  Delivery methods such as web-based, eLearning, classroom, on-the-job-training, etc. allow for a broad spectrum of learning possibilities.
  4. Learning Management System – A true learning management system will enable the business to track the success of its training programs and will provide a way of collecting feedback on current training offerings.  It will also enable employees to have a sense of control over their own development with the company.
  5. Branding – Training offerings should be made available to employees via one source, as having to play detective to discover what is available can become a point of frustration for the employee.

ThyssenKrupp Elevator has established processes in place that allow us to capitalize on our global synergies to bring the best products and people to our customers. Our goal is to provide all of the training necessary to strengthen our company, empower our employees and ensure that our customers are engaging with the best and brightest talent available.

Ref: Stronger People, Stronger Business by Casey Callaway


Deneshia Larson is the manager of SEED Campus Americas for ThyssenKrupp Elevator.  Contact her at deneshia.larson@thyssenkrupp.com.

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