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Yes, you read that right. I assert we will need to miniaturize our products’ burden on buildings while having bigger experiences and faster delivery times which requires stronger materials. 

Remember Ironman’s super-cool digital screens inside his ocean-side lair? Well today, thyssenkrupp announced that our service technicians will use HoloLens technology in its elevator service operations worldwide.

There is no getting around it. If your building is two stories or hundreds of feet, you are going to need an elevator. You have to meet the American Disabilities Act codes but what you don’t need is a complicated elevator system to travel just a few feet.

The term “smart city” can be open to interpretation. Here are a few prerequisites established a few years ago.  A smart city uses technologies to be more intelligent and efficient when using resources.

thyssenkrupp is currently putting the finishing touches on the installation of 30 elevators and 2 escalators that will serve 52 floors at River Point, a new office tower located on a prime piece of property overlooking the Chicago River.



The equipment you count on each day is a combination of hundreds of heavy-duty mechanical and sensitive electronic parts so you need a partner to keep your tenants safely on the move. “We are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience,” said Jim Gross, vice president of service, U.S.  “To ensure we provide superior response, all levels of our organization focus on four key reasons why choosing us to service, maintains trust.”


1. Our customers’ needs are key.


We know your time is valuable and schedules are tight and ThyssenKrupp Elevator Communications answers telephones 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our highly trained staff currently handles over one million calls a year, is capable of translating up to 135 different languages, and strives to keep response time below ten seconds.


We have created tools designed to simplify your day. With our Customer Service Portal you can monitor your service activity over a secure website any time. It is complete with dashboards that include data on each elevator under service and customizable reporting that is accessible with just a few mouse clicks. Reporting that includes information on: callback frequency; unit availability; response time; callback count; work orders by type and callback mean time.


2. Our people are experts you can trust.  


We specialize in servicing all kinds of elevators, not just the ones we manufacture. We have an entire facility dedicated to supporting our mechanics. The ITS Americas (International Technical Services) not only develops diagnostic tools and advice but also repairs PC boards. Our field engineers are among the most skilled experts in the industry and their knowledge extends to non-ThyssenKrupp Elevator equipment.

Acquired equipment is used to build in-house simulators — 66 in total — that play a pivotal role in both training and writing service manuals. All this is done to support our technicians so they understand how most elevators on the market work — inside and out.  At ITS, we repair thousands of PC boards and critical components that operate almost every manufacturer’s equipment, even types that are especially hard to find. Since 1988, over 101,000 boards have been serviced. In most cases, we deliver the next day which means less elevator downtime and happier tenants.


3. Service is a partnership and we are on your team.


We believe that service is a partnership and we strive to be an important asset on your team. Machinery that gets constant use requires constant care and our comprehensive preventative maintenance keeps your elevators operating at their best. We offer five levels of service packages well suited for your equipment — in a church where the elevator is used one day a week or a hospital where it is moving 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also understand that in today’s economy, capital planning   is imperative and we have professionals ready to help you understand and plan your elevator’s life cycle and necessary future expenditures.


4. We provide service when you need it. 


We are the largest producer of elevators in the Americas and you can be confident that we have the size and resources to support you, whenever and wherever you need us. We have over 200 locations and our technicians are equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic tools, 24/7 troubleshooting support, and best-in-class routine technical and customer service training. We also have parts inventories on hand and board repair and most importantly, because there are so many of us, in so many places, someone is always close by.



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