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Yes, you read that right. I assert we will need to miniaturize our products’ burden on buildings while having bigger experiences and faster delivery times which requires stronger materials. 

Remember Ironman’s super-cool digital screens inside his ocean-side lair? Well today, thyssenkrupp announced that our service technicians will use HoloLens technology in its elevator service operations worldwide.

There is no getting around it. If your building is two stories or hundreds of feet, you are going to need an elevator. You have to meet the American Disabilities Act codes but what you don’t need is a complicated elevator system to travel just a few feet.

The term “smart city” can be open to interpretation. Here are a few prerequisites established a few years ago.  A smart city uses technologies to be more intelligent and efficient when using resources.

thyssenkrupp is currently putting the finishing touches on the installation of 30 elevators and 2 escalators that will serve 52 floors at River Point, a new office tower located on a prime piece of property overlooking the Chicago River.


When it comes to online hotel reviews, travelers have high expectations of hotel elevators. Just take a look at some headlines from travelers sharing online reviews. “Noisy elevator disturbed my sleep.” “Good location and price...just don't overload the elevator!” “Nice, clean hotel, issues with elevators.” 

In fact, according to a recent report, by TravelClick, TripAdvisor has become a key marketing and reputation channel for hoteliers as it houses more than 170 million reviews and opinions of travel-related businesses. They are posted from travelers all over the world and 100 new posts are being added every minute.

So now may be the time to modernize your hotel elevators and escalators. In addition to customer complaints, some signs that time is right to modernize include; elevators that run slowly; doors that don’t function properly; exorbitant energy costs; repetitive service repair calls and dated interior décor.

Your elevators need to convey the same high level of service and convenience that today’s travelers have come to expect in the highly competitive hotel market. So consider the following upgrades. 

Battery Lowering Kit:  The battery lowering kit monitors the elevator for power loss. In the event of power loss, the lowering system activates and supplies power to the elevator controls. The system sends the elevator to the lowest landing and opens the car doors, allowing passengers to exit safely. The elevator returns to normal operation when power is restored. Since the system is equipped with its own power source, an expensive emergency gener­ator is not required.

Braille and Safety Signs: Provide disabled passengers with important elevator information.

Cab Air Conditioning: Provide climate control in your elevator and year-round comfort to your passengers.

Cab Interiors: First impressions last and an outdated interior leaves guests with the impression that your hotel is not up to par. To ease the process, consider ThyssenKrupp Elevators’ Premium Cab and you can have a new interior in as little as single day. Premium Cabs from ThyssenKrupp Elevator offer the look and feel of custom designed interiors without the custom price tag. Choose from our pre-designed panel arrangements and combinations of thousands of finish options. You can easily piece together the perfect look while keeping your budget and schedule.  

Door Operator Upgrade Packages: Provide smoother, consistent door opening and closing.

Electronic Door Edge: Use an infrared door system instead of a mechanical safety edge system. The electronic micro-light infrared systems retract the elevator doors by using an invisible curtain of infrared light beams that cover the doorway of the elevator. When one of these light beams is broken, the elevator door reopens instantly without coming in contact with a person’s body resulting in less risk of injury.

Emergency Lighting: Automatically turns on during a blackout to keep your elevator cab illuminated and passengers safe.

Emergency Phones: Emergency phones are installed in elevators so that trapped passengers or those in distress can call for help. Hands-free emergency phones are required by code to be installed in elevator cabs. When a call for help is initiated, the phone immediately dials preprogrammed phone numbers until a live person is reached. Once the call is acknowledged, a blinking LED indicates that the call was answered and help is on the way.

Plus upgrading your elevators will reduce your operating expenses. Read more.

Every modernization project is unique and our knowledgeable experts come prepared with a tried-and-true approach to solve your problem — we survey your equipment to reveal deficiencies in safety, performance and code compliance. Once we have the results, we work with you to determine the best solution to fit your needs and budget.



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