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Yes, you read that right. I assert we will need to miniaturize our products’ burden on buildings while having bigger experiences and faster delivery times which requires stronger materials. 

Remember Ironman’s super-cool digital screens inside his ocean-side lair? Well today, thyssenkrupp announced that our service technicians will use HoloLens technology in its elevator service operations worldwide.

There is no getting around it. If your building is two stories or hundreds of feet, you are going to need an elevator. You have to meet the American Disabilities Act codes but what you don’t need is a complicated elevator system to travel just a few feet.

The term “smart city” can be open to interpretation. Here are a few prerequisites established a few years ago.  A smart city uses technologies to be more intelligent and efficient when using resources.

thyssenkrupp is currently putting the finishing touches on the installation of 30 elevators and 2 escalators that will serve 52 floors at River Point, a new office tower located on a prime piece of property overlooking the Chicago River.


Travel and holiday shopping are as prevalent as turkey and dressing this week as millions of Americans prepare to travel to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.

This year, air travel alone is expected to be at the highest level since 2007, with 3.55 million Americans taking to the skies. Following Thursday’s feast, many Americans will visit shopping malls to start their holiday shopping. A trip to a shopping mall, airports or transit station this week will very likely include a trip on an escalator, elevator or moving walk.

Guest Blogger: Michael Ridder, is responsible for media relations at the ThyssenKrupp Elevator headquarters in Essen, Germany. He can be contacted via Michael.Ridder@thyssenkrupp.com


ThyssenKrupp recently launched the ACCEL transportation system - it is an accelerating moving walk that can carry more people at higher speeds for short distances.  The new technology reduces waiting times for commuters and implementation costs for airport operators and those who build mass transit systems.

Now that One World Trade Center has climbed up to its full height of 1776 feet, it stands as a symbol of pride for our country. It also represents the hard work of ThyssenKrupp Elevator’s employees who have been hard at work developing and installing the fastest and most advanced elevator system in the world. Now that the glass and steel structure dominates the lower Manhattan skyline, it serves as a symbol of pride us as well.

At ThyssenKrupp Elevator we say “we engineer confidence.” It means that we have over 13,500 highly trained experts and the resources to keep elevators and escalators safely on the move. Recently, when the magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit Napa Valley, California, our Oakland, California branch made repairs at local hospitals and city buildings within 24 hours – giving our customers the confidence that their equipment was back in operation.

In the last decade, the construction of metro systems and rail networks in the Asia Pacific region has kept pace with the area’s unprecedented urbanization. With China leading the way, there is a rising wave of investment in public rail transportation and  city  infrastructure and ThyssenKrupp Elevator is riding that wave of the Asian metro and rail boom.

Earlier this summer, ThyssenKrupp Elevator exhibited at the National Parents Teachers Association (PTA) Convention in Austin, Texas to introduce our Safety Ambassador program to PTA leaders. In the first six hours of being there, we had 44 new kids signed up and seven independent school districts — representing almost 1000 elementary schools — interested in the program. “A large majority of catastrophic injuries on escalators involve children under the age of eight (third grade and under).